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ELS Solicitors can provide an effective resolution to your employment law needs in London for employees including:

  1. Circumstances where you have been unfairly dismissed, discriminated against or otherwise badly treated by your employer or an individual at your workplace.
  2. Circumstances where your employer has commenced or is considering commencing disciplinary action against you.
  3. Circumstances where you have been suspended from work.
  4. Bringing or resolving an Employment Tribunal claim against your employer or an individual at your workplace or former workplace.
  5. Providing representation in relation to Employment Tribunal proceedings including representation at any Tribunal hearing.
  6. Communicating on your behalf with your employer or former employer, their legal representatives or the Employment Tribunal.
  7. Obtaining a reference and moving on to alternative employment.

We are able to discuss disciplinary and/or grievance procedures with you to fully inform you of what is involved, the processes and how to best tackle a disciplinary or grievance matter. We also advise on the strength and value of any claim or potential claim that you have.

Settlement Agreements

If you are reading this, you may have been given a settlement agreement or, perhaps such an agreement has been mentioned to you. By signing the agreement, you are agreeing not to take any legal action against your employer and in return, your employer is agreeing to pay you a sum of money.

Solicitors Employment Employees

In order for a compromise agreement or settlement agreement to be legally binding, you must take independent legal advice from a relevant adviser. A relevant adviser includes a solicitor with a current practising certificate. It is customary for your employer to make a contribution towards your legal costs. This is typically at least £300 plus VAT.

We are a firm of solicitors and every solicitor that we employ is a Relevant Adviser within the meaning of the Employment Rights Act 1996. We will assess whether there is any potential claim against your employer and see whether your employer is offering to pay you a reasonable sum of compensation.

We can have a face to face or telephone consultation if you do not live within the local area. You will not be charged unless you have specifically agreed to be charged. If the sum being provided by the Employer is reasonable and you wish to accept the amount being offered by your employer, then following any minor amendments, the agreement will be signed by both parties and the matter is then at a conclusion. The legal costs are generally recovered from your employer.

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