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If you are reading this, you might be having issues with your employer. It might be that you have been bullied or harassed or badly treated. Such bad treatment might have lasted a long while and you might feel that you are at the end of your tether. You might feel that you can no longer remain as an employee but feel stuck, anxious or depressed. Or it may well be that your employer has suspended you, started an investigation or disciplinary proceedings against you and you are worried sick that your employer will discipline you or, worse still, dismiss you.

If that is the case, we can help. After an initial consultation, we can potentially resolve any issue by reaching an agreement with your employer to mutually terminate your contract under agreed terms with a reference. Alternatively, you might be feeling so strongly about the way that you have been treated that you might wish to proceed to an Employment Tribunal and have your say so that it becomes public and nobody else gets treated in a similar way.

We have the specialism to get the best outcome in any of the circumstances referred to above. Call us to book a consultation.

Settlement Agreements

If you are reading this, you may have been given a settlement agreement or, perhaps such an agreement has been mentioned to you. By signing the agreement, you are agreeing not to take any legal action against your employer and in return, your employer is agreeing to pay you a sum of money.

In order for a settlement agreement to be legally binding, you must take independent legal advice from a relevant adviser. A relevant adviser includes a solicitor with a current practising certificate. It is customary for your employer to make a contribution towards your legal costs.

Solicitors Employment Employees

To proceed, call us to book a consultation with a solicitor. At the consultation, we will take some background from you and advise you of any claims that you have and whether the sum offered by the employer is reasonable. Following this, we take you through the settlement agreement explaining the significant clauses to you and suggesting amendments that you might want to make. Following this, we will liaise with your employer to make any necessary amendments. Once this has been done, we will send the agreement to you for signing which we will forward to your employer once we have received it from you. Your employer will then sign the agreement and send it back to us at which point there is a legally binding agreement. We will then send a copy to you for your records.

We are able to have a consultation with you either in a meeting at our offices, by telephone or by Zoom. Call us to book a consultation.

For more details visit our settlement agreements website.

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