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Although there is no free-standing claim that can be brought at the Employment Tribunal for bullying, a claim for bullying may fall into a category for which the Employment Tribunal has jurisdiction to hear.  It is possible that a claim for bullying could fall within one or more of the following categories:


  1. Constructive and unfair dismissal.
  2. Unlawful deduction from wages.
  3. Breach of contract.
  4. Discrimination on the ground of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation.
  5. Being subjected to detriment on the ground of making a protected disclosure.
  6. Being subjected to detriment in connection with being summoned for jury service.
  1. Being subjected to detriment in connection with health and safety.
  2. Being subjected to detriment for refusing to work on a Sunday (protected or opted-out shop worker or betting worker).
  3. Being subjected to detriment for exercising right to time off for study or training.
  4. Failure to allow time off to carry out public duties.
  5. Refusal to allow time off for antenatal care.
  6. Failure to permit time off to perform duties as a trustee of an occupational pension scheme or to undergo training relevant to the performance of these duties.
  7. Failure to allow an employee representative time off to perform his functions as an employee representative.
  8. Prevention or attempted prevention to take parental leave.
  9. Being subjected to detriment for taking or seeking to take paternity leave or ordinary or additional adoption leave.
  10. Breach of flexible working regulations.
  11. Failure to provide equal pay to the opposite sex.
  12. Failure to allow an employee to be accompanied to a disciplinary or grievance meeting.
  13. Less favourable treatment of a fixed term worker than a permanent employee.
  14. Less favourable treatment of a part time worker than a full time employee.
  15. Being subjected to detriment for reasons connected with pregnancy, maternity or childbirth.
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