Breach of Contract

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A breach of contract claim may be brought by a former employee at an Employment Tribunal pursuant to Employment Tribunals Extension of Jurisdiction (England and Wales) Order 1994. Breach of contract claims could include claims such as unpaid wages, bonuses or holiday pay.


A claim may only be brought if the claim arises or is outstanding on the termination of the employee’s employment. The claim would ordinarily need to be presented to the Employment Tribunal within a period of 3 months beginning with either the effective date of termination or the last day upon which the employee worked.


An employer may bring a counterclaim at the Employment Tribunal for breach of contact against an employee if the employee has brought a claim for breach of contract falling within the remits of the Order. The time limit to do so is 6 weeks from the day that the employer received the employee’s last claim for breach of contract from the Employment Tribunal.


The maximum amount that a Tribunal is entitled to order to be paid is £25,000.

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