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BoardroomYour employer is obliged to include a note in your written statement of particulars of employment specifying a person to whom you can contact for the purpose of seeking redress of any grievance you may have. The note should explain any further steps required to progress such a grievance, or refer to an accessible document that explains such steps.

A grievance process will usually involve the following steps:

  1. You setting out in writing to your employer the details of your grievance.
  2. Your employer will call you into a meeting to discuss the grievance. You are entitled by virtue of the Employment Relations Act 1999 to be accompanied by a fellow employee or trade union representative. Your employer must permit your companion to address the hearing, to put your case, to sum up the case, to respond on your behalf to any view expressed at the hearing and to confer with you during the hearing. Your employer does not have to allow your companion to answer questions on your behalf.
    1. Your employer will carry out an investigation and then send you an outcome letter with its conclusions including whether your grievance has been upheld with reasons.
    2. If your grievance is upheld, your employer will set out what it proposes to do to provide you with redress. If your grievance is not upheld, your employer should give you an opportunity to appeal.
    3. If you elect to appeal, you should do so by sending grounds of appeal to your employer who will hold an appeal meeting. Your are entitled to be accompanied at this meeting by a fellow employee or trade union representative as defined by the Employment Relations Act 1999.
    4. A further investigation should be carried out by your employer taking into account the grounds of appeal. Following this your employer will send you an appeal outcome letter indicating whether your appeal has been successful and, if so, what it proposes to do to provide you with redress. If the appeal is unsuccessful, this is usually the end of the process.
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